Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sound Off!

Hello out there in Quiltyland! We are moving NEXT WEEK, so all is aflutter at Red Hen. Every inch of our store is being repainted and redone just in time to Hop! In addition, we’re receiving 500 bolts of fabric in the next 2 weeks alone! AAAARRGGHHH!

When we have meetings about the Shop Hop, we all have our opinions, but we’d appreciate some feedback from you guys. Here are a few questions, but you can feel free to add any comments you want.

1. Are you planning to do the Shop Hop this year?
2. Have you done it before?
3. Do you plan to finish the whole thing?
4. What is your favorite part?
5. What is you least favorite element?
6. Do you ever make any of the quilts or block projects generated by the block patterns you collect?
7. What would you like to see that you don’t currently see in the stores?
8. Do you have any theme ideas you would like to share?

You can make a difference! We can’t wait to hear from you.
The gang at Red Hen Fabrics.


GeeMa said...

1. Yes, planning to shop hop this year.
2. Yes, have done it before
3. Not going to all shops this year.
4. Like Product Demos
5. Waiting in line to check out
6. Yes, I made some of last year's blocks
7. More "make-it, take-it" quick projects
8. Original 13 states

RookieHopper said...

This will be my first Shop Hop. My mother & sisters are coming from Illinois to "Hop". They have been to Shop Hops in Illinois. We plan on visiting all of the shops. We will have to let you know our likes/dislikes after this one is over. We gotta get our rest for now! HA!