Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Phoenix Fizzles

Okay, I admit it, I was unfaithful. But then I never really was committed to the marriage, and that was the problem.

Having spent a year in a whirlwind romance with a charismatic Chinese gentleman, I, of course wanted that experience again. I wanted to be breathless, crazed, fighting for every hour together. So after I was finished with my Chinese guy, I went looking for that same experience. I thought the Phoenix would be the same kind of thing, but I was wrong.

I put hours into the beginning of my relationship with the phoenix, waiting for the project to catch fire. I had some great ideas for how to quilt my project.

Those ideas I was interested in. That scrawny bird, not so much. Maybe the bird lacked charisma. I committed to her, but it just wasn’t that thrilling. I loved my big, bright dragon.

I didn’t love this bird. I think a customer caught the essence of the problem when she commented on my previous blog by saying, “That bird is kind of snaky, don’t you think.” I did think.

So I decided to spend juuuuuuuust a little time on the quilting I wanted in the background. I wouldn’t tell the Phoenix. I would just doodle a bit. I stretched out four yards of peach colored silk. I sketched an idea with some chalk. I nibbled at the edge of my newfound beauty. And I fell. A hundred miles an hour over the edge, leaving the scrawny bird on the cliff above.

That was two months ago. I am now blissfully hooked on a whole cloth, Floriani on silk floral quilt. I am gonzo for this baby. I am working hours every day, here in the store, simply transported to my all-silk garden. You can come see it anytime. I am going to put in a wee picture, but not do a full blog because of the upcoming East Cobb Quilt Show. A girl has to keep some surprises to herself.

As for that snaky bird, I plan to appliqué the whole thing on a pair of jeans, and then she can kiss my behind!

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