Monday, June 27, 2011

June's Sew-In

Summers get busy with school being out and the children home, then there are vacations, and all those fun summer activities, so this sew-in was small but still lots of food, friends, fabric and flowers!

Mary Anne opened her home to us for this month's sew-in. The first thing you see is the beautiful garden. (This virtual garden will play 3 times, if you'd like to view it again after that, just refresh (press F5) your page.)

Sue took some time away from settling in to her new home to come sew and chat! It was good to see her again. I hear she'll be at July's First Thursday.

Nancy took a break from making heaps of YoYo's to help Brenda with her project - she was doing lots of cutting.

I think no matter where you wanted to go in the house you had to pass through the kitchen. Didn't seem to bother anyone. :)

Karyn was in pressing mode. You had to make a break for the iron when she stepped away :)

Mary Anne moved in quickly when the iron was free and showed us the art of multi-tasking!
Nothing better than being able to hang on to a piece of chocolate cake and continue to work!

Annie (did I get the name right?) stopped to pose for me - Such a sweet girl. Mary Anne headed downstairs, Cookie followed and missed her photo opportunity.

Alta was focused on getting her 'fabric books' in order. She was working on fruit and veggie pages. You'll have to stop in and ask her about them. They sound so cute, the perfect gift for small children and babies!

Bo was moving so quickly - check out her hand - it was a blur I had a hard time getting a picture of her. She brought a quilt to finish the binding on - and she finished it! No surprise there.

Mary Anne triming up some fabric for a quilt she's working on for her daughter. Its going to be a scrappy quilt. It's got some fun fabrics, can't wait to see it finished!

Needless to say - it was a good time.

Here's hoping more of you can join us for our next sew-in.

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